Who I am

Cosmic Teapot Health and Wellness Services

Helping You to Enjoy Better Health and an Improved Sense of Wellbeing 

“I love seeing my clients’ health and wellbeing improve and am extremely grateful to be in this line of work.”

Cheryl Barnes, Founder and Coach


I provide life and relationship coaching, stress management coaching and coaching in meditation and mindfulness – both on a 1:1 basis and for groups in classes and workshops.

I qualified as Reiki practitioner 14 years ago and have since developed my own intuitive energy healing practice.  I was drawn to add bodywork (specifically Intuitive Massage) into my treatments several years ago and have since trained in a number of practical massage techniques at the Bristol School of Massage and Bodywork, as well as more recently undertaking a Diploma in Holistic Massage Therapy with the School of Natural Health Sciences.  I am also now studying Shiatsu and Acupressure to Diploma level.

I teach a variety of meditation and mindfulness techniques, from beginner or intermediate level, and always tailor sessions to the level and learning style of my clients.  I teach1:1, to pairs / couples, and to both small and large groups

I qualified as a stress management coach in 2011 and am pleased to teach exactly the same stress management program that is taught year on year to the emergency services in Australia and New Zealand.  I recently launched an accessible online Stress Management Course in conjunction with Trust2Learn – follow the link from the Resources section.


I want to help as many people as possible live happier, healthier, more productive lives. 

All of my services have therapeutic qualities that can benefit you on a physical, mental and emotional level.

The pace of life is so fast today, and we have so many demands on our time, that it can be easy for things to pile up. This makes us feel under pressure until, if we don’t seek help or have the tools to help ourselves, eventually we end up stressed. Possibly even unable to cope.

Changes to our lifestyles mean we’re living longer and many of us are managing chronic conditions. The NHS is facing unprecedented demands on its services.

A holistic view to health has been shown to expedite recovery and in many cases provide relief where none has been found before.  Long term improvements are also more likely when conditions are tackled from a number of different angles.

I provide a range of services – including healing treatments like intuitive massage and Reiki, alongside life coaching and personal training in meditation, mindfulness and stress management.

I run private retreats, for individuals, couples or pairs, and also coordinate several large group retreats throughout the year, and recently began offering virtual retreats – combining resources posted out to you, alongside exclusive online coaching and training.

Visit the Services page HERE for more details about how I can help you, to Book 1:1 treatments or coaching CLICK HERE, or for anything else, Contact Me HERE or call me on 07714 286489.