I can offer coaching in person at my Summerhouse in Cinderford, or as a ‘Walk and Talk’ session in the beautiful Forest of Dean. Alternatively coaching can be offered online via Zoom. Either way, book online at a time to suit you. If you choose Zoom, a link will be sent to you prior to the session.

Life Coaching

There is no script to follow for ‘life’.  And sometimes that’s a great thing.  But at others it can be incredibly overwhelming.  When you hit choice points, don’t know what to do next, and if things feel confusing and unclear, I can help you to systematically work through everything on your mind and in your heart.  Together we can sort the truth from the stories, the wheat from the chaff, and come up with achievable next steps that will see you move forwards and out of stuck.

I have had some tumultuous times over the past few years. I’ve found Cheryl to be a superb coach and problem solver, always managing to come up with different ways of looking at things and really practical solutions.
Sally T
During a recent crisis in my life, I ended up having to take some time off work. I had hit a wall and Cheryl lifted me up and over it. Cheryl’s sessions helped me map out my thoughts and get to the root of my problems. She was able to clear a path for me to process many issues and I knew what I needed to do. I highly recommend Cheryl’s coaching if you find yourself at a crisis point.
Michael R

Couples' Coaching – & relationship mediation*

Using radical honesty and compassionate listening, I provide a safe space in which to explore contentious issues and to enable you to hear each other. Through classic mediation and negotiation techniques, we can work together towards agreement and resolution, via shared goals and mutual understanding.  If the result of this process, having considered things from all angles, is that you choose to split up, I can help you to consciously uncouple with dignity and mutual respect – in honour of your love and time together – and support you both moving forwards in your own lives.

The guidance Cheryl is giving us is invaluable.  We have gone from being at each other's throats to being more in love than ever before in a very short amount of time.  Cheryl finds the balance between active listening and coaching, which means we both have our say and feel heard, but we are also actively making changes!
Samantha L
Thank you for our session - it was great!  Having met a few people over Zoom, we've decided you're the best!
Jeremy S

*Mediation can be offered face to face or by video call, and is available for two people or for larger groups.  All genders and orientations welcome.

Stress Management

Stress is not an illness. It’s your individual response to pressure. That’s why it affects us all in different ways and to different degrees. Some stress is a good thing. But when stress builds up, it can be harmful. I can help you recognise the signs of stress and show you how manage it before it overwhelms you. I can also help you to review the sources of stress in your life and help you to find more balance where this is possible.  There are a number of tools and techniques I can teach you.

Stress Management Course:

$75 – Buy It Now

Hi Cheryl. This is quite amazing! I knew that I needed help but had not realised how much! This morning am feeling so calm and have a wholeness about me – a weight lifted. Bless you.
John A
Enlightening, varied and with lots of things I can take away including clear and helpful notes. Really good. Would recommend.
Tina F