Clarity Coaching

When you’re not sure what path to take, or which way to go, and when things feel confusing and overwhelming, it can help to systematically work through everything on your mind to sort the wheat from the chaff and break everything down into a discrete set of next steps.

I have had some tumultuous times over the past few years. I’ve found Cheryl to be a superb coach and problem solver, always managing to come up with different ways of looking at things and really practical solutions.
Sally T

Life Coaching – personal & professional

Life coaching can be helpful at times, especially when you’re looking to make big changes in your personal or professional life and looking for support in creating and sticking to goals. To help you create lasting change and success, a variety of approaches may be used.

During a recent crisis in my life, I ended up having to take some time off work. I had hit a wall and Cheryl lifted me up and over it. Cheryl’s sessions helped me map out my thoughts and get to the root of my problems. She was able to clear a path for me to process many issues and I knew what I needed to do. I highly recommend Cheryl’s coaching if you find yourself at a crisis point.
Michael R

Couples Coaching – & relationship mediation*

Using radical honesty and compassionate listening, I provide a safe space in which to explore contentious issues and to enable you to hear each other. Through classic mediation and negotiation techniques, we can work together towards agreement and resolution, via shared goals and mutual understanding.

*Mediation can be offered face to face or by video call, and is available for two people or for larger groups.

Stress Management

Stress is not an illness. It’s your individual response to pressure. That’s why it affects us all in different ways and to different degrees. Some stress is a good thing. But when stress builds up, it can be harmful. I can help you recognise the signs of stress and show you how manage it before it overwhelms you.

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