Combined Services

Sometimes we may need more than an individual treatment.  It can be really great to combine different services, either in a longer / back to back session, or as part of a half or full day retreat – for a fully restorative experience.  For example:

  • Massage & Healing
  • Massage & Coaching
  • Massage & Mindfulness
  • Healing & Coaching
  • Healing & Mindfulness
  • Healing & Meditation

Massage & Healing Combined Treatment

I had the most amazing reiki and intuitive massage from Cheryl in her lovely summerhouse. I loved that the treatment felt unrushed, and Cheryl’s technique of using still pressure on top of the cover was excellent preparation for the massage. Cheryl’s presence is very nurturing and warm and loving. I felt some very deep shifts and alignments happening that I’m still integrating two days later. Big thanks to Cheryl for providing such a transformative and enjoyable healing session!
Susan N
Quite frankly I flopped onto Cheryl’s couch completely knackered. Her healing massage combination was amazing. The care and attention she put into each stroke left me feeling a huge amount of relief that eased my aching muscles. I left feeling able to walk upright once again!! Highly recommended.
Maxine S
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Treatment with Coaching, Mindfulness or Meditation

I HIGHLY recommend Cheryl for anyone thinking of coaching of any sort, massage and reiki.  I have really loved working with her. The 1:2:1 mindfulness session and healing massage were exactly what I needed to springboard me on to the next chapter of my life.
Clare G
On Cheryl’s advice I booked a Reiki session immediately prior to my first meditation lesson. I have tried meditating before but can certainly say I had never reached a depth like this! I shall be having this combination again for my next two lessons and am really looking forward to them.
Andrew S
What were your favourite parts of the retreat?
Cheryl is lovely, welcoming and extremely knowledgeable.  The Reiki healing was a very personal and inspiring experience.  The intuitive massage was awesome – so great for me as I had been suffering (not any more!) from neck and shoulder pain for quite some time.  The mindfulness walk in the forest was beautiful.  And learning meditation from such a lovely lady.  The whole two days were perfect.
Jane W
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