Reiki is a healing therapy that originated in Japan.  Through energetic recalibration, often felt as heat, the relaxation response is activated, enabling the body to restore itself at a very deep level.  It improves overall wellbeing and is therefore highly recommended for stress reduction.  It has been shown to help significantly with physical pain, and mental turmoil or emotional trauma.

Suitable for everyone, and at all times, a Reiki treatment session lasts an hour. You remain fully clothed and lay flat on a massage table (under a blanket) but can choose to be seated in a chair if you prefer. The style I learnt was Usui lineage, via Phyllis Lei Furumoto who trained my master, John Cass, and involves hand placements on the body.  I also offer handsfree options too for those who know or prefer that style.

Having trained in Reiki 14 years ago, I have developed my practice over the years – in conjunction with regular clients and other therapists – and now also offer Intuitive Energy Healing to other therapists and anyone already familiar with Reiki and looking for something different.

To discuss whether Reiki or Intuitive Energy Healing would be right for you, simply contact me.

Had an amazing reiki session. Was feeling exhausted and frayed by the wear and tear of life but Cheryl made me relax like I've never known how to before. Thank you.
Victoria M
I had a wonderfully relaxing Reiki treatment with Cheryl today. The summerhouse is a great venue and Cheryl is really friendly and lovely. I would highly recommend.
Jackie P
Receiving Reiki from Cheryl is a blissful experience. Cheryl is an excellent Reiki Healer with a professional and kind approach. She helped me find inner peace during a stressful time.
Andrea D
I visited Cosmic Teapot for the first time and loved every minute of the experience. Charming, tranquil setting, a warm welcome and a healing session which took Reiki Healing to a whole new level. Felt fantastic afterwards. Many thanks. Very highly recommended.
Phoenix J
My first Reiki with Cheryl was for the pain associated with a tooth infection. During the treatment the tension in my jaw melted away and the pain became manageable. When I woke the next morning the heat, swelling and pain had all disappeared. I have had a number of sessions since and can highly recommend Reiki with Cheryl for localised pain and general relaxation.
Nicolette S


Distant Reiki is effective for physical, mental and emotional pain.  

It involves agreeing a time to connect via Zoom or phone for the initial consultation, and then either leaving the Zoom window open (my preference), the phone connected, or just remaining connected energetically if you prefer (I would then text once complete).

You don’t need to have had Reiki before, and simply need somewhere to sit comfortably, or ideally lay down, where you will be warm, comfortable and not disturbed for the full hour treatment.

Having had an unpleasant pressure in my left eye and a significant headache for a few days, I approached Cheryl as I'd had successful Reiki treatments with her before. She offered a distant Reiki session due to COVID restrictions. I was skeptical beforehand but was delighted at the improvement after just one session and after just two more sessions I am feeling more relaxed than I have in a long time too. I will definitely be having this treatment again. Not having to drive home afterwards meant I was able to continue soaking up the feeling and after the last session I continued to feel the effects for quite some time. I might even prefer this method and am really glad I tried it.
Jenny B