A ‘common’ phrase in spiritual circles is that we ‘create our own reality’.  But what does that REALLY mean?!*

I believe we create our own reality through our thoughts, words and deeds.  And in turn then through their consequent effect on how we feel and the vibrational frequency we then resonate / emit.

To rewind…

If we tell a child they’re good at something they might (bear with the wider analogy here rather than search for specific counter examples…) start to think they are and ‘believe they are’.

This in turn may lead to them saying they are good at it.  And acting ‘as if’ they’re good at it.  And generally feeling good about whatever it is.  For example, if we tell a child they’re good at helping others, when someone needs help they may well really be more inclined to help.

They start to ‘resonate’ with the energy of being helpful.  They internalise it somehow.

The same is true if we tell them they’re ‘useless’.

The difference between the energetic vibration of ‘helpful’ and ‘useless’ is huge.  It’s tangible.

Literally – imagine feeling ‘useless’.  It ‘depresses’ our energy.

Now – imagine feeling ‘helpful’.  It ‘elevates’ us back up the scale into a different level of energy.

So manifestation, for me, is about being careful, or rather ‘taking care’, with what we think, what we say and what we do.  On the next level (I guess), it’s about what we believe, about ourselves and our future (just to give a context), and what we feel is possible (/impossible).

It might sound trite, but if we believe we can, and think talk and act accordingly, then we stand a chance.  Because if we think we can’t, and think, talk and act accordingly, then chances are we won’t.

I mean why would we bother?  We don’t think we can!  (Just like the child…)

For example, if we think we can get that job we’d really like, we’ll think about how to go about it, make some kind of plan, talk to others about it, seek  advice from people who could help us, discuss what we plan to do…  We may just get on and give our best shot.

If we think we can’t get ‘that job’, then our thinking can quickly spiral – resulting in us never even mentioning it to anyone and certainly not ‘putting it into motion’ in any way.

Even energetically.

And actually that’s what matters.

How much positive (or negative) force we put into something…

With our full weight behind it we are said to be able to ‘move mountains’.  But if we reluctantly prod at something with the tip of our fork, we are unlikely to even skewer it.  😉

So manifestation, to my mind, starts with our thoughts and then follows on to our speech and the ‘energy’ of the words we use, which then in turn propels us forwards into action.  Or not.  As the case may be.

What we believe (about ourselves) and how we feel (about our situation and our ability to change it) very much determines the direction we’ll go in and where we’ll get to.

Same for the child.

So whilst it might very well, and almost certainly is, easier ‘said than done’, start with the thinking and go from there.  One step at a time.  Thought.  Word.  Deed.

Conscious creation.  In the moment.