Massage has been used for physical and emotional wellbeing for millennia and involves the manipulation of soft body tissue including muscles. Our muscles contract and relax to enable us to move. They also define body shape, protect internal organs, stabilise joints during movement and help maintain posture.   

Intuitive massage doesn’t follow a pattern nor use set techniques but instead is guided by you and your needs on the day and uses a variety of methods.

Massage pressure can be gentle or firm, with deeper remedial work where needed, and can be anything from 30 minutes to 3 hours depending on your needs and the time available.

As an indicative idea – although every treatment is tailored specifically to you – for a thorough ‘restorative’ massage, with plenty of time, please allow:

  • Neck and shoulders – 30 minutes
  • Middle and lower back – 30 minutes
  • Arms and hands – 30 minutes
  • Stomach, hips and glutes – 30 minutes
  • Upper legs front and back – 30 minutes
  • Lower legs and feet – 30 minutes

If there is significant physical pain / remedial work required, the times above could be doubled, or conversely a relaxing ‘light touch’ full body massage can be provided in 1.5 hours. If you’re not sure how long to book for, please contact me to discuss your current needs.

I can offer fully clothed and seated options for anyone with impaired mobility, or for anyone feeling self conscious, and am also training in Shiatsu so can incorporate some of these techniques if helpful / required.  Please contact me for details.

One of the best massages EVER. I’m a difficult client due to hyperesthesia of the right side of my back, but Cheryl adjusted her treatment and worked with me constantly to check how I was coping. We focussed on my neck and shoulders and it was a very thorough experience. Highly recommended!
Juliet M
First visit to Cheryl.. & by no means the last. From the moment I arrived I knew was in hands of a deeply caring person. Opted for 1.5 hours Deep Tissue Massage: have experienced some v good therapists in past (including in Sweden & California) but this exceeded all. Post-treatment felt utter bliss which has carried through several days now - including some of the best sleep in many a nights. Would recommend unreservedly.
Peter B
Hi Cheryl. Thank you so much for the massage yesterday. It was quite blissful and am still feeling the effects strongly today.
John A
Thank you so much. My back feels lovely and loose. My posture has already improved because I’m able to sit up without it hurting.
Zoe N

Couples Massage

Sometimes it is nice to get away from it all with a friend, family member or partner. We can offer a luxurious couple’s massage at Cosmic Teapot for 1.5 hours, 2 hours or 2.5 hours (£60pp, £80pp or £100pp).

If you stay for the day and add a mindfulness walk, stress management or meditation workshop, lifestyle or relationship coaching, we can include a light lunch and private use of the hot tub.

Massage and Reiki

Massage and Reiki both help with physical and emotional pain. Combining them together in an intuitive way, an overall treatment tailored to your current needs can be both incredibly luxurious and rebalancing.

Quite frankly I flopped onto Cheryl's couch completely knackered. Her combination of Reiki and Massage was amazing. The care and attention she put into each stroke left me feeling a huge amount of relief that eased my aching muscles. I left feeling able to walk upright once again!! I can highly recommend Cheryl.
Maxine S