Meditation & Mindfulness


Meditation and mindfulness can both benefit your health and wellbeing. They are similar but different.

Both require concentration and focus and help you take charge of your thoughts. Meditation requires dedicated time. Whereas mindfulness is something we can weave into our daily lives. Both help with stress. 

I teach techniques that are easy to learn, and which you can use straight away. The more you use them, the more benefits they bring.

Contact me for further information, or to discuss an initial session.

I attended a mindfulness course with Cheryl during a stressful time. Cheryl instantly put me at ease and we learnt simple and easy to remember techniques. I really liked the time we spent in the forest as it gave me the opportunity to put the theory into practice and I felt a deep sense of peace. I really enjoyed the day and am looking forward to incorporating mindfulness into my life at home and at work. Thank you Cheryl!
Caroline F

Group sessions

As well as teaching meditation and mindfulness 1:1, I also run meditation and mindfulness sessions for groups (as well as positive thinking courses and stress management workshops).  

  • Based in my summerhouse in Cinderford
  • Standard hourly rate can be shared between up to 4 people, additional costs for 5+
  • Availability:
    • Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm 
    • 7am to 9am – subject to availability / advanced booking 
    • 5pm to 9pm – subject to availability / advanced booking
    • Sessions weekly, fortnightly or monthly to suit your group 

I can accommodate up to eight people in my summerhouse, but can also come to you, or hire an alternate venue (there are many options locally or I can travel further afield), at additional cost.

Contact me to explore the options, or to book a set of sessions for you or your group.  

Reiki with Meditation (1:1)

Starting with Reiki, to calm the mind and energetically prepare, the meditation session can then be much deeper.  Requires a minimum of 1.5 hours but ideally 2 hours for maximum benefit from this experience.

Suitable for beginners or experienced meditators.