Meditation & Mindfulness


Meditation and mindfulness are both incredibly valuable tools for modern living.  Life can be stressful.  And mindfulness and meditation both help prevent stress in the first place AND treat it once it’s occurring.  They are also simply lovely things to do.

They are similar concepts but also fundamentally different.  

Mindfulness involves focussing on the present moment – the smallest details of a flower, or a pencil even…  And in doing so dropping all other thoughts.  Focussing on the breath is a great mindful exercise, and breathing is at the heart of many spiritual practices (e.g. Pranayama in Yoga) and also in many stress management techniques.  There is much overlap between these concepts.

Mindful meditation involves calming the mind by focussing on something – often a teacher or guide’s voice – and following a specific set of instructions to drop through several layers of ‘relaxation’ into a meditative space.  Yoga Nidra is a type of mindful meditation, as are other guided meditations.

The pure act of meditating involves not focussing on anything and in emptying the mind totally of any thought or focus.  Through a series of steps and rituals you can acclimatise the body over time and train yourself to achieve deeper and deeper states of inner peace.  And through this peace to connect to your higher wisdom ‘at will’.

I teach techniques that are easy to learn, and which you can use straight away. The more you use them, the more benefits they bring.

Contact me for further information, or to discuss an initial coaching session.

You can choose mindfulness or meditation or to explore both.

Introduction to Mindfulness, Mindful Meditation and Pure Meditation

Wonderful experience. Great introduction to meditation and mindfulness. Gives you an all around view covering many aspects. Would certainly recommend to others and will be doing another workshop in the future.
Sarah S

Lessons in Pure Meditation

Cheryl's meditation guidance is outstanding. The instruction given was excellent, extremely clear and covered all the essentials. Time well spent. Now the practice is up to me. I will persevere! I can see and feel the benefits. Thank you.
John A

Mindful Forest Walks & Experiences

I attended a mindfulness course with Cheryl during a stressful time. Cheryl instantly put me at ease and we learnt simple and easy to remember techniques. I really liked the time we spent in the forest as it gave me the opportunity to put the theory into practice and I felt a deep sense of peace. I really enjoyed the day and am looking forward to incorporating mindfulness into my life at home and at work. Thank you Cheryl!
Caroline F

Group sessions

As well as teaching meditation and mindfulness 1:1, I also run meditation and mindfulness workshops and courses for groups (alongside workshops and courses in positive thinking, stress management and manifestation).  

  • Based in my summerhouse in Cinderford
  • Standard hourly rate can be shared between up to 4 people, additional costs for 5+
  • Availability:
    • Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm 
    • 7am to 9am – subject to availability  
    • 5pm to 9pm – subject to availability 
    • Sessions weekly, fortnightly or monthly to suit your group 

I can accommodate up to eight people in my Summerhouse, but can also come to you, or hire an alternate venue at additional cost (there are many options locally or I can travel further afield).

Contact me to explore the options, or to book a set of sessions for you or your group.  

Reiki with Meditation (1:1)

Starting with Reiki, to calm the mind and energetically prepare, the meditation session can then be much deeper.  Requires a minimum of 1.5 hours but ideally 2 hours for maximum benefit from this experience.

Suitable for beginners or experienced meditators.

On Cheryl's advice I booked a Reiki session immediately prior to my first meditation lesson. I have tried meditating before but can certainly say I had never reached a depth like this! I shall be having this combination again for my next two lessons and am really looking forward to them.
Andrew S