Forest Walks



Forest immersion therapy and forest bathing are increasingly popular, and the benefits of spending time with trees and in woods and forests have been well documented.

Living in the Forest of Dean I have first hand experience of this and am fortunate to spend time with trees almost every day – for a couple of hours each day, and sometimes more.

From personal experience, I can highly recommend ‘tree therapy’ and fresh air for anyone feeling depressed or anxious, and also as part of an ongoing preventative Health & Wellbeing programme.


I offer four different types of Forest walk:-

1) Mindful Walks   – Very slow pace, not much ground covered.  Aim: To destress and practice mindfulness (see Mindfulness page HERE).

2) Scenic Walks      – Medium pace – to suit you.  Aim: To discover the Forest of Dean – both on and off the beaten paths.

3) Cardio Walks      – Faster pace, steep inclines and longer walks.  Aim: To reenergise you, and get your body moving.

4) Walk & Talk         – Slow to medium pace – to suit you.  Aim: To discuss anything on your mind (see Coaching page HERE).

Walks can be anything from 1 to 3 hours in length (1.5 hours is the most popular option) and can be arranged for individuals, pairs, families or other groups.  There are a wide range of location and scenery options, which we can discuss on booking, depending on:- the season, where you’re staying, the type of walk you choose.  It is even possible to do multiple locations on one day, or over the course of a few days if you’re staying in the area on holiday.

I am authorised and insured to lead Forest of Dean exploration walks.  I know many wonderful places, both on and off the beaten track, and can take groups of up to 12 at a time, with no limits on age nor ability.  I have an enhanced DBS check in place and am disabled friendly.

Mindful Walks

As a qualified teacher of mindfulness and stress management, I combine simple and effective techniques with walking and ‘sitting’ in the forest. It is extremely nurturing for body, mind and soul and can be a lovely activity 1:1 or for a group of friends, family or colleagues looking for shared experiences or to learn a new skill together. We will use our senses to bring us back to the present moment, and the beauty of the trees and natural environment to ground and centre us in the here and now. You will be given plenty of time to practice the various tools and techniques so you will really learn something that you can take away – as well as having a great experience on the day. Mindfulness walks are not a ‘hike’ by any means and aren’t about physical exertion or covering distance. Depending on you and your group, and the time available, the walk itself may not even be that long.
Excellent. Beautiful, peaceful location. Cheryl is an excellent teacher and has made me want to explore these topics further. Very useful range of techniques - to tune you in to you. I feel better. Thank you.
Holly S

Scenic Walks

I have hand-selected some incredible locations ‘off the beaten track’ where you can meet Giant Redwood trees, ancient Yews and magnificent Oaks & Beech.  There are some amazing views, streams with waterfalls, babbling brooks, plus lakes and rivers…  I also lead trips to visit private Scowles – a geological feature that is unique to the Forest of Dean. Accessible routes are available, and some are more challenging in parts.  We can pick the perfect meeting place and walk for you / your group, and can walk at a pace to suit you.  If you aren’t local, or don’t have transport, it may be possible to arrange a pick up from your accomodation, but please contact me prior to booking if you will need this service.
I had a really magical walk with Cheryl. I am new to the area and will be booking another walk soon. She listened and held space for me, and offered practical tools and advice. I would highly recommend this experience.
Emma C

Cardio Walks

Sometimes we can get stagnant, physically and energetically, and in order to refresh ourselves, mentally and emotionally too, a good burst of physical exertion can be just what we need (trust your own intuition on this!). Being based at the top of a hill (with views in all directions – of the River Severn and South Gloucestershire, May Hill and the Malverns, Sugar Loaf and the Brecon Beacons), I know some great walks that involve heading down and back up, and depending on how long you book for (and your stamina!!), down and back up again. We can chat on and off, and can vary the pace as we go, but the aim of these walks is to keep moving and get energized.
I really needed that walk thank you! It has kick started me and I'm building on the momentum. Looking forward to the next one!
James D

These activities are suitable for all ages and abilities and can be arranged 1:1, or for up to 12 people.  

Contact me for further information / with potential dates.