Mindfulness Walks


Forest immersion therapy and forest bathing have become increasingly popular, and the benefits of spending time with trees and in woods and forests have been well documented.

Living in the Forest of Dean I have first hand experience of this and am fortunate to spend time with trees (almost) daily. I have been on and guided many mindfulness walks and they are always magical experiences.

As a qualified teacher of mindfulness and stress management, I have put together a programme that combines simple and effective techniques with walking and ‘sitting’ in the forest. It is extremely nurturing for body, mind and soul and can be a lovely activity 1:1 or for a group of friends, family or colleagues looking for shared experiences or to learn a new skill together.

We will use our senses to bring us back to the present moment, and the beauty of the trees and natural environment to ground and centre us in the here and now. You will be given plenty of time to practice the various tools and techniques so you will really learn something that you can take away – as well as having a great experience on the day.

Excellent. Beautiful, peaceful location. Cheryl is an excellent teacher and has made me want to explore these topics further. Very useful range of techniques - to tune you in to you. Thank you.
Holly S
forest bathing in the forest of dean

I have hand-selected some incredible locations ‘off the beaten track’ where you will get to meet giant Coastal Redwoods and Wellingtonia, alongside ancient Yew trees and magnificent Oaks, Beech and Birch, Sweet Chestnuts, Sycamore and more…  I also lead trips to visit private Scowles – a geological feature that is unique to the Forest of Dean.

Accessible routes are available, and some are more challenging in parts – although mindfulness walks are not a ‘hike’ by any means and aren’t about physical exertion or covering distance.  Depending on you and your group, and the time available, the walk itself may not even be that long.  Sessions usually last 2 hours.

This activity is suitable for all ages and abilities and can be arranged 1:1 or for up to 12 people.  

Contact me for further information / with potential dates. N.B. Once a booking is made, if the weather is inclement, I am happy to rearrange if possible (although rain can add a lovely element to this activity – providing you have the right gear!)

With Cheryl's guidance, I experienced Mindfulness for the first time in the beautiful Forest of Dean. Focusing on the senses in turn, I found myself immersed in the present, fully appreciating the tiny details of nature that would normally pass me by. Afterwards I felt calm and relaxed and my outlook had shifted. A wonderful experience. Highly recommended.
Dominic P