Free Resources

FREE YouTube video – demonstrating simple daily exercises to keep supple and flexible, but also to be used prior to meditation.  Find some floor space, with plenty of room above and around you in all directions, press play and follow me.

FREE SoundCloud Mindful Meditation – Chakra Closing.  For coming back to centre and conserving energy, this can be useful at times of crisis.  Get comfy – sat up with back straight, or lying down if you prefer – then press play, relax and close your eyes.

Cosmic Teapot playlists

Clients often ask where I get the music I play in treatment sessions, and in breaks on retreats.  Here are links to two playlists of lovely tracks that I’ve put together on Spotify and often use – one ‘with lyrics’, and the other without (although I’m often adding to them and sometimes get it the wrong way round!).  Enjoy!


A five part stress management course, taking 1.5 hours in total, with simple easy to follow 15-20 minute modules covering:

– The anatomy and symptoms of stress

– Acute versus chronic / cumulative stress

– The long term health implications of stress

– Simple tools and techniques for managing stress

Retreat in a box — virtual retreats if you can’t come to me

Retreat at home! By yourself or with a friend / partner. You will receive a luxurious hamper packed with retreat goodies, which includes optional / sample agendas for you to choose from, and your own unique access code for the exclusive online resources:

– A sound healing gong bath

– Instructed self massage experience

– Introductions to mindfulness and meditation

– Simple tools to ‘take-away’, and a guided meditation