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Stress costs British businesses up to £26 billion every year.
But it doesn’t have to be this way.


Stress is a natural human response. It can be powerful, giving us energy and focus when we most need them. Only when we allow stress to build up and overwhelm us does it become a problem. Then it can cause physical, emotional and mental ill-health. 

How stress affects businesses

When staff are stressed:

They have short tempers and argue over petty things
They are distracted and not on top of their work
Important issues get ignored
Customer service suffers
Deadlines are missed
Productivity drops
Absence goes up

If you recognise any of these, it’s likely that stress is affecting your organization.

How I can help

I teach stress management techniques that:

Have an instant effect
You can learn in as little as one 30-minute session
Are quick and easy to use, whatever situation you’re in
Bring greater stress-busting benefits the more you use them

These are practical tools you can use straightaway.  From the same programme as the emergency services in Australia and New Zealand use.  Not theories or concepts with no clear outcomes. Everyone in your organization will benefit from learning them. Even you.

You can’t prevent all stress happening.  But you can help your staff to manage it, by simply running a quick session for them at work.  And the tools they learn will work whether your staff are experiencing work related stress or stress in their personal life (both will affect their performance at work).

Tackling stress at an organisational level can also conversely improve staff energy levels, help them plan and manage their workloads more effectively, communicate well with each other, make better decisions, be more creative and remain goal oriented.  

Think stress isn’t an issue for your business? Think again

Since 2009 the number of sick days lost to stress, depression and anxiety has increased by 24%.

In 2011 stress overtook cancer as the main reason for long-term absence from work (Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) / Simplyhealth Absence Management Survey 2012).

And the 2016 Labour Force Survey showed that in the year 2015-16 there were 488,000 cases of work related stress, anxiety or depression. This led to the loss of 11.7 million working days and accounted for 45% of all working days lost due to ill health.

On average, people who are off work with stress are away for 23.9 days. That’s more than a month. Some never return.

Why me?

Cheryl demonstrated an exceptional level of professionalism and her ability to understand the client’s priorities, engage, build trust and deliver on time and in full have impressed me.
S Djadidian, Head of Business Intelligence, Whitbread

After graduating with a 1st class degree in Psychology, I spent 20 years working for businesses including BT, Siemens and Cisco.  In my last major role I managed three departments and 18 people. Prior to that I was head of global sales and marketing for a leading veterinary sciences company.

Naturally, after this long in the corporate world, I’ve experienced work related stress myself. I’ve also managed people who were experiencing stress in both their work and home lives. I’ve seen at first hand the impact stress can have on people’s health, their performance and the wider organization.

Cheryl has always delivered despite massive pressures and impossible deadlines. I have no problem in recommending Cheryl.
N Ricketts, CEO, Versarien PLC

Protect your business. 

  • Cut the cost of sickness absence payments
  • Meet your duty of care and legislative obligations
  • Prevent lost productivity when staff are off with stress
  • Keep valued and experienced members of staff
  • Avoid unnecessary recruitment and training costs

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I really enjoyed working with Cheryl as she is vibrant and full of energy.
B Hamblin, Director, Reside Developments Ltd
Cheryl is one of the most proactive, energetic and focussed individuals I have ever had the pleasure of working with.
R Webb, Head of New Business, Gunnebo UK

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