There exists at any one time an INORDINATE amount of ‘personal truths’.  Some that are conceivable from your standpoint and many that aren’t.

There are certain facts.  Things that are irrefutably true.  BUT.  They are rare.  And even those things can change.  We are of one mind one minute.  And another the next.  And so it is for you.  And so it is for the people around you.

You stand in your truth.  They stand in theirs.  Firmly sometimes.  And sometimes not.  But as your truths are changing, so too are theirs.  They ‘fluctuate’.  What you disagree on one day you may well agree on the next.  Certainly throughout a lifetime your standpoints will change enormously.  Beyond recognition even…

For now you, past you and future you are different people with different truths.  You are evolving all the time.  And inter-relating.  And inter-acting.  And picking up a truth or two here.  Losing one or another there.  Often on a certain subject you can come full circle and round again!!  Several times!  In a day even!  😉


This being the case…

Who are you to judge another’s truth in any one moment?  Who are you to say their truth is wrong?  Who are you to deny any alternative viewpoint to the one you currently possess?  Wear your truth like a cape.  “Wear your heart on your sleeve” indeed.

But do not clutch your ‘cape of truth’ tightly to you.  Rigidly holding on and refusing to budge.

SWAY with your truth.  Lean into it.  And to the potentials and possibilities of just how the truth could be.  How YOUR truth could be.

Because truths change.  Truths vary.  It’s inevitable.

So allow your truth to change.

And allow others’ truths to change.

And in fact, simply,

ALLOW OTHERS’ TRUTHS!  For they may just be yours one day!