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Helping you to a happier and healthier body and mind

I offer a range of services that are designed to

  • calm the nervous system
  • reduce pain and stress levels 
  • help with depression and general anxiety
  • teach tools for optimum health and wellbeeng
  • get you out of stuck and help you change gear

I offer relaxing treatments like healing and intuitive massage, alongside coaching, group training and courses in meditation and mindfulness.

You can combine 1:1 services – e.g. Massage and Reiki, Massage and Coaching, Reiki and Meditation – and book for up to 3 hours, with the whole session tailored to you and your needs.  (If you’d like to come for longer, you can come on retreat – for the whole day or up to 2 days and 2 nights.) 

I can also help with:

– Losing weight
– Managing chronic pain
– Preparing for an operation
– Recovering from an operation
– Making decisions
– Coping with change
– Dealing with grief

All of the services I offer can help you cope with life’s challenges, and enjoy a greater sense of health and wellbeing. 

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