Based in the Forest of Dean, with stunning woodland at the end of the road, Cosmic Teapot is delighted to offer private retreats ‘away from it all’, for one or two days / nights, for individuals or for two people.

Retreats are based in my Summerhouse, in the mindfulness garden behind my home.  I offer a range of services that can be incorporated into the retreat package, including:

  • Intuitive massage
  • Reiki energy healing
  • Mindfulness and meditation
  • Life and relationship coaching

Retreats start from a full day and can be booked for up to 2 days and 2 nights, for one or two people.  Accommodation and simple vegetarian meals can be included, plus transport or a taxi arranged if required.

If two people on retreat would like treatments at the same time, I can bring in other known and trusted local therapists – e.g. a second intuitive masseuse (male or female), a sports masseuse, reflexologist, bowen practitioner, nutritionist or beauty therapist.

All retreats are tailored to your specific requirements but all include *at least* one bodywork or coaching session per person and prices *start at*:-

– ONE PERSON:      from £75 for ‘just one day’; from £125 for ‘one day one night’; from £175 for ‘two nights +’

– TWO PEOPLE:    from £110 for ‘just one day’; from £180 for ‘one day one night’; from £250 for ‘two nights +’.

N.B. Prices above are indicative only and prices vary depending on: actual length of time on retreat; mid week versus weekend; number of bodywork or coaching sessions during stay; length of sessions; self catering or catered; ‘taxi service’ etc.


Contact me today with details of your budget, and what you’d like included on your perfect retreat, and together we’ll create a retreat that’s just right for you, and that will suit your current needs and budget. 

To find out more or to make a booking
Call Cheryl on 07714 286 489

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